Month: October 2017

What to Expect From An Expert Building Inspection

In most cases, buying a home becomes an emotional process even when it should be an investment process. You can drive down the street today, spot a lovely home with a nice yard, and fall in love with it. Some homes have that magnetic appeal that you just can’t help yourself to fall in love with it, and before you know it, you are making an offer.

But hold your horses before you make that phone call. You need not commit a down payment without knowing what you are buying. You need to have a proper professional building inspection. Most property investors understand the power of a building inspection when purchasing a flat, a house, or commercial property. An assessment tells them whether they should buy the building or not, and this decision will be based on the inspection report.

The building inspection report contains detailed information regarding all important aspects of the property, from the interior to the exterior parts of the house. The inspection report covers critical areas such as roofing, electrical wirings, walls, foundation, plumbing, gas, and anything related to the structural integrity of the property.

The building inspection may also include information concerning the fittings such as heaters, doors, air conditioning system, windows, and other electrical appliances in the house. An assessment regarding the safety of the building will also be detailed in the inspection report.

The inspection will detail the defects, if any, from the possible cause to the level of the defect. Photographs can support the detailed information as proof of issues. The inspector can as well offer recommendations in the report concerning what can be done to rectify the situation and to avoid such future problems.

Remember that the inspections offered by building inspectors are limited in the areas that are checked. The report will indicate the areas that were reviewed and also those that were not. Additionally, an inspection does not guarantee the functionality of the appliances. It only shows that the machine is working at the time of assessment. So know what the procedure entails before going ahead to make a decision.

If the building inspection report reveals some faults, for instance, the electrical system or termite infestation, it will be up to you to determine if you can go on with the purchase or not. However, note that the inspector will not help you in making the decision. The inspector is independent, and their work is only to do an inspection and produce a competent report. So make sure that the document you receive will be easy for you to understand so that you can make your decision easier.

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