Event Equipment Hire – What You Need to Know

Planning an event requires a lot of time and considerations. It is why people hire professional event Event Hireplanners from the outset – to avoid problems. If you are not hiring an event planning company, then you have to ensure that you cover everything, especially when it comes to event equipment hire. Here are some things you have to take a pause and think about when considering event hire equipment.


Sound Equipment – Sound equipment are critical in any event. It could be audio equipment for a presentation or a PA system to make announcements. DJ equipment may also be required depending on the kind of function you are holding. Along with the sound equipment, you may also need the services of a sound engineer, and these equipment and facilities require advanced booking. Also, as you book, ensure that you communicate the venue to the event service provider.


Video Equipment – Event equipment hire includes the rental of quality video equipment. It may be presentation equipment or equipment rented to record the event. You may also need a video specialist, depending on circumstances and your budget. Before booking any video equipment, ensure that you know what you need to avoid missing out some material or getting more than you need as you will end up paying more.


Lighting Equipment – Lighting equipment may or may not be necessary depending on the venue of the event, as well as the time the event is taking place. You may also rent lighting equipment, and a lighting expert can even be hired to install the lighting in the best possible manner for your function. You should also know that you need more than just light. You need the right light to create the kind of atmosphere you want in your event, as well as the safety of your audience.


Staging Equipment – Often, when organising an event, you will need a stage. The stage may be used for the actual hardware, or for people who will be presenting or addressing the audience. The stage hire company will deliver a stage with steps and install them in your venue.


Seating – Will seating be necessary for your audience? Will tables be required? How about serving tables? How many chairs do you need? All these questions need answers to ensure that you get the equipment necessary’s on time and in the right numbers. Also, it is essential to book them in advance to avoid the last minute rush.



As seen from above, there are several things you need to make your event successful. You can get all these equipment from a reliable event hire company. All you need is find a trustworthy company that has years of experience in the business. Also, check to know where they source this equipment to be sure that you are getting quality equipment. Last but not least, look for a company that can offer you an affordable quote and discounts when you book early.

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