Why You Need a Socket Set in Your House

If you have just bought a new home and have not had to deal with tools around your old apartment, Socket Kitone of the things you will want for your first well-stocked toolbox is a basic socket kit. Even if you aren’t a DIYer, a new home will give you ample opportunity to learn how to do small tasks that come up now and then. A basic socket wrench set will save you money over time rather than spending a lot on adjustable wrenches and dozens of drivers. You will soon realise the advantages of having one in your toolbox along with your hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers.

The six-sided hex nut is the most common one you will find in the house. It is everywhere; when assembling furniture, cribs, shelving, strollers, and almost everything that comes with assembly required. Having a socket set is handy in your toolbox and will save you time and effort, and take the headache out of most small assembly jobs. The six-sided hex nut comes in different sizes. They can be extra-large, medium, small, and in small increments in between. You’ll need a complete set of socket wrenches to cover all the sizes if nuts you will encounter.

You can start with the basic 40 piece hex socket set. These come with a wide range of socket sizes measured in both inches and metric millimetres and fit most of the standard nuts you will encounter. They also come with ratchet wrench handles to which you snap the socket, and will have a button that you use to change direction so you can go clockwise putting nuts on, and anti-clockwise to remove. The handle allows you to keep the nut in the socket and on the bolt or screw. The handle can have a ratcheting action in either direction you’re going, anti-clockwise or clockwise, and has a release mechanism that allows you a smooth pumping action whether you’re taking off or putting on nuts.

Socket kitsare not hard to use and are more helpful than having many wrenches or nut drivers of varying sizes. You will soon realise their benefits. It will not take long until you’re eyeballing a nut and find the exact fit you want in the socket set. You need not be muscular to be able to tighten and remove nuts or bolt using these tools, and you will soon be grateful that you have them in your home. All you need when you decide to purchase a socket set is buy from a reputable brand and reliable suppliers.


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